Some divorces are relatively peaceful and easy. This occurs when two people agree they don’t want to be married any longer and simply go through the steps to make this official. Others, well, aren’t so lucky.

If you’re seeing a high-conflict divorce in your future or are currently embroiled in the midst of one, seeing words like “peaceful” and “simple” may seem like a dream. It’s an unfortunate truth that not every divorce is a matter of signing paperwork and going your separate ways. Some divorces are filled with high emotions, yelling, threats, and more. If this describes your situation, know that a family attorney can help.

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  • Signs of a High-Conflict Divorce Situation
  • Argumentativeness 
  • Inability to Compromise 
  • Blame 
  • Violation of Court Orders 
  • Divorce Attorneys at Ellen Cronin Badeaux

Signs of a High-Conflict Divorce Situation

Perhaps one person wants to stay married and is making it impossible for the other to leave the marriage. More than likely, one (or both!) partner has grown to hate the other and is seeking revenge throughout the divorce process. Either way, this is about to get messy.

How do you know if your divorce is going to be good, bad, or really, really ugly? A few signs of a high-conflict divorce include:


High-Conflict Divorce Situation

If your soon-to-be-ex spouse has to have the last word on everything and engages with you to create discord and animosity, this conflict isn’t going to be easy. This person seeks out reasons to argue and will endlessly engage via communication for the purpose of irritating you into responding so that the conflict will continue.


Inability to Compromise

No matter how complex a divorce is, most couples find some points of agreement. In a high-conflict divorce, though, your spouse isn’t willing to agree to anything. Even the simplest, most reasonable items become a new source of contention. This person believes that the more difficult they can make the process, the more the ex partner will suffer.  


If your ex is hyper-focused on detailing exactly all the misdeeds, mistakes, and missteps you have made in the relationship, you have a high-conflict divorce. The divorce process is about legally ending the marriage, not condemnation on things that happened long ago.

Violation of Court Orders 

There are likely to be temporary orders put into place by the court as your divorce case proceeds. These are typically about custody and visitation, the occupancy of your shared home, and the dissipation of assets. If your ex immediately begins violating these orders and treating them with disrespect, you can be sure they will continue to act poorly throughout the entire process. You can expect this to lead to ongoing problems for years, as you try to collect support and manage a parenting plan, if not properly dealt with right away.

Divorce Attorneys at Ellen Cronin Badeaux

Hire Divorce Attorney

High-conflict divorce is an emotional battle. In times of a high-conflict divorce, it is more important than ever to take the right next steps to ensure a happy, healthy future. A Louisiana divorce attorney can help with this. The best of the best can be found at Ellen Cronin Badeaux!