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Visitation or even custody cannot be denied because child support hasn’t been paid or is behind. If you are not being allowed to have or even see your child, you need a child custody lawyer to seek visitation or custody. The other parent will probably then seek a specific amount of child support from you.

Navigating child custody matters requires sensitivity and expertise. At Ellen Cronin Badeaux, LLC, our skilled Covington family lawyers understand the delicacy of these situations. With years of experience, we’ve successfully guided clients through challenging custody cases. Our reliable services ensure positive resolutions. 

If you’re seeking compassionate and effective assistance from reliable Covington-based custody attorneys, contact us today and schedule a consultation. Your family’s well-being is our priority.

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Prioritizing a Secure Haven for Your Child in Custody Battles

You know that your kids come first, but the other parent doesn’t seem to play by the same rules. Your child should not be exposed to drugs, alcoholism, other addictive behavior, sexually inappropriate behavior, violence, or mental illness and should not be denied the necessities of life: housing, food, clothing, education, or medical care.

Visitation and custody will be based on the best interest of the child, including moral fitness, encouraging a good relationship with the other parent, financial fitness, and mental and physical health. Other important factors considered include religious upbringing, who has taken care of the child up to this point, the child’s preference, and the distance between where the parents live and contact with extended family. 

Factors such as the history of where the child has lived and gone to school, treating physicians and dentists and the attachments the child has developed to half-sisters and brothers and grandparents are also taken into account.

If there is no Judgment of custody from a court, it is not kidnapping for either parent to have the child, and the police will not force either parent to give the child back or give the child to you for visitation. You will need a private child custody attorney in Covington, LA.

Custody battles can be complex, depending on the situation. Our Covington custody lawyers at Ellen Cronin Badeaux, LLC understand the intricacies involved. Count on our law firm’s reliability to settle on a fair child custody agreement, preserving the physical custodian relationship with their child and ensuring their well-being. Let us guide you through this challenging process; contact us today for an initial consultation.

Child custody lawyer in Covington, LA.

Navigating Custody When a Physical CustodianGuardian Relocates

If custody and visitation have already been established, and either you or the other parent is moving out-of-state or more than 75 miles away, the current arrangement is just not going to work. 

Whether you are the parent staying or leaving, there are procedures that need to be taken if either parent is attempting to relocate the children. If those steps are not followed, it could result in the custodial parent losing physical custody. You need an experienced Covington family lawyer to take you through those steps.

Whether you’re relocating or facing a physical custodian’s guardian’s move, we’re here to assist you in fair custody arrangements. Preserve custody or fight for it with our experienced legal support by your side.

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Dedicated Legal Support for Grandparents and Relatives in Custody Battles

Sometimes, parents are not able to take care of children due to mental illness, substance abuse, incarceration, lack of moral fitness, death, or disability. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles may have to step in to seek custody. Louisiana law allows you to seek custody of your grandchildren, nephews, and nieces.

When parents can’t provide care, our Covington, Louisiana, child custody lawyers stand by your side. At Ellen Cronin Badeaux, LLC, we help relatives secure custody for the well-being of the child.

Child custody for grandparents in Louisiana.

Assistance for Military Families

Parents in the military have unique issues of child support, custody, and visitation. Deployment may necessitate at least a temporary change in custody. Judges may not be familiar with the Service Members Civil Relief Act. Your family is entitled to visitation in your absence if you ask the court for it before you are deployed. 

You need to find a lawyer familiar with representing parents in military service. Our Covington custody attorneys fight for visitation and custody rights for deployed parents and their families, prioritizing the well-being of children during challenging times.

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Reliable Custody Services Across Multiple Parishes and Cities in Louisiana

The attorneys at Ellen Cronin Badeaux, LLC, at 985-892-1955, have 30 years of experience representing fathers, mothers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles seeking custody or visitation in our broad service area.

Our Covington-based family lawyers provide legal assistance in the following cities:

    • Amite
    • Baton Rouge
    • Bogalusa
    • Chalmette
    • Clinton
    • Covington
    • Denham Springs
    • Donaldsonville
    • Franklinton
    • Gonzales
    • Greensburg
    • Gretna
    • Hammond
    • Kenner
    • Livingston
    • Madisonville
    • Mandeville
    • Metairie
    • New Orleans
    • Slidell
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"I would like to thank your firm for everything you’ve done to help me keep 50/50 custody of my son. I came to you on very short notice but you knew exactly how to handle my case and I couldn’t be happier. I’m sure I will be working with you again in the future."
"After retaining two lawyers who made no progress, I retained Ellen Cronin Badeaux. Yesterday was our first hearing together and it was a major success. Ellen was professional, diligent, and a fighter...I am very glad I found her and will refer her to others without a doubt."
"Ms. Badeaux has been an excellent family attorney for us. Her time and personal commitment have allowed us to make informed decisions. We have had to trust her with very delicate and emotional issues and she has guided us to excellent outcomes. I will always appreciate the exceptional service she provides our family with. I have always liked the statement, "you get what you pay for"; and Mrs. Badeaux has been well worth it."
"Extremely knowledgeable and aggressive attorney. She has been our attorney for nearly 10 years. I highly recommend her for any family court matters."
"I have used Ms. Badeaux as my attorney off and on for 15 years. She has settled everything without a fuss; including a personal injury suit, an estate settlement and the quick setup of a partnership. I will continue to use her as my attorney and happily recommend her to friends & family."
"No one thought I could win but with her valuable service and exceptional legal knowledge, I did! I got my kids back and they're still with me today. I highly recommend Ellen Badeaux. I would not have my kids today if not for her!"

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