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Things might be slightly different from the way you pictured since the day you decided to start a family. Things are getting really complicated, you feel frustrated and you believe it’s time to take action. At Ellen Cronin Badeaux, LLC we will help you during this emotional process and will provide you with experienced family law attorneys in Covington.

Every person is different therefore every case will be different. With the help of our family law attorneys in Covington, we can handle efficiently Divorce Cases, Custody and Visitation cases, Child Support Cases, Spousal Support Cases in Covington, Amite, and Hammond. Ellen Cronin Badeaux, LLC has practiced family law and domestic law for 27 years.

To learn more about our Family Law Attorney experience feel free to click on the following specializations.

We take:

  1. Assisted Reproduction cases (gestational surrogacy, egg surrogacy, sperm donation, same-sex marital adoption, contracts)
  2. International enforcement cases (custody, child support, spousal support, and partition of property including Hague Convention)


Divorce might feel like the end of your life. At Ellen Cronin Badeaux, LLC in Covington we want you to…

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Custody and Visitation

Custody, visitation, and support in Louisiana. Visitation or even custody cannot be denied because child support hasn’t been paid…

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Child Support

Family disputes are not healthy for the members involved, especially when children are involved. At Ellen Cronin Badeaux, LLC we…

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Spousal Support

When 2 individuals divorce the income that was used to support one household must now support two. One of the…

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Interdiction and Tutorship

It’s never pleasant to realize that a loved one can no longer care for themselves partially or completely. Louisiana law…

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Family, domestic & mediation generally

DOMESTIC MEDIATION SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA Who: The mediator has extensive training in alternative dispute resolution and serves as a neutral person

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Domestic Mediation

Mediation is not counseling. Mediation is a way for parties to work together to find mutually agreeable solutions to the…

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Marital Agreements & Community Property Partition

You and your significant other have decided to get married. If you have significant income, significant assets or, children from…

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LEGAL PATERNITY TESTING IN AMITE, LOUISIANA In Louisiana, you are responsible to financially support your children until they reach the

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Adopting is an important decision that you and your loved one must make sometimes. There are many reasons why adoption

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"I would like to thank your firm for everything you’ve done to help me keep 50/50 custody of my son. I came to you on very short notice but you knew exactly how to handle my case and I couldn’t be happier. I’m sure I will be working with you again in the future."
"After retaining two lawyers who made no progress, I retained Ellen Cronin Badeaux. Yesterday was our first hearing together and it was a major success. Ellen was professional, diligent, and a fighter...I am very glad I found her and will refer her to others without a doubt."
"Ms. Badeaux has been an excellent family attorney for us. Her time and personal commitment have allowed us to make informed decisions. We have had to trust her with very delicate and emotional issues and she has guided us to excellent outcomes. I will always appreciate the exceptional service she provides our family with. I have always liked the statement, "you get what you pay for"; and Mrs. Badeaux has been well worth it."
"Extremely knowledgeable and aggressive attorney. She has been our attorney for nearly 10 years. I highly recommend her for any family court matters."
"I have used Ms. Badeaux as my attorney off and on for 15 years. She has settled everything without a fuss; including a personal injury suit, an estate settlement and the quick setup of a partnership. I will continue to use her as my attorney and happily recommend her to friends & family."
"No one thought I could win but with her valuable service and exceptional legal knowledge, I did! I got my kids back and they're still with me today. I highly recommend Ellen Badeaux. I would not have my kids today if not for her!"

"Hey Ellen, I truly appreciate you sitting through today’s hearing. I know that you didn’t have to and it meant more than you’ll ever know. Thank you. I don’t have very much money anymore but I am going to do everything I can to get this bill paid so that I can have representation. Thank you once again for me being such an incredible woman. It’s rare and noted. Have an amazing night and a Happy Valentines Day. Thank you. YG"
Jay Green

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