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Not all marriages last a lifetime, despite what you thought in the beginning. Coming to the realization that your marriage is over is, no doubt, difficult. Perhaps it isn’t you that wants the divorce and you’re wondering what to do because your husband or wife tells you they want a divorce. Either way, you’re likely not in a great place emotionally. Divorce might feel like the end of your life, but thankfully it is not. What you do in the next few days, weeks, and months is crucial to putting your life back in order for the long-term. The trusted family lawyers at Ellen Cronin Badeaux, LLC are here to help!

Begin by focusing on your personal care. This means cutting off all non-essential communication with your ex, breaking out of unhealthy thinking, and allowing yourself time to grieve. After you have begun the important parts of taking care of yourself, it is time to look forward to what events will happen next. This requires the services of an attorney who handles family law in Covington, LA. He or she will go over everything with you, like the special rules Louisiana has for divorces, how to get your financial paperwork in order so you can present it to the judge, how much child support can be expected for your situation, how long the whole process will take, when you can expect to be legally divorced, and so on.

You cannot do this alone, and you should not even attempt to. Our team here at Ellen Cronin Badeaux, LLC specialize in family law in Covington, LA. We will help you get your life back on track. Will it be quick? Probably not. Will it be enjoyable? Certainly not. Will it be worth it? Yes, absolutely. While no one enjoys the divorce proceedings associated with the end of a marriage, bringing in the right attorney and fighting for what you and your children should rightfully have will allow you to heal properly. We can be reached today by either calling (985) 892-1955 or emailing office@ecbadeauxlaw.com. Contact a Covington-area divorce lawyer and get started moving on with your life!

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