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Don’t live locally, too busy to go to court, looking to save expenses, work long hours? We can handle many legal issues and prepare many documents for you by phone or email.

Phone and Email consultations in criminal law, family law or personal injury.

Criminal Law:

We can seek Dismissal, Diversion or enter a lesser plea on your behalf and waive your presence for any misdemeanor, traffic offense, or Department of Public Safety driving privileges offense.

Family Law:

Mediation by phone or skype of custody, property partition, divorce, spousal support, child support;
Consent Judgments for:

Property partition, custody, spousal support, child support, curator change in interdiction, prenuptial agreements for a flat fee;

  • Donations for a flat fee;
  • Quit claims for a flat fee;
  • Surrender for Adoption for a flat fee;
  • Acknowledgement of Paternity for a flat fee;
  • 3-way Disavowal of Paternity for a flat fee.

Personal injury: We can provide the following services by phone and email:

Representation through settlement or until trial for car accident and dog bite cases.

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