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Comprehensive Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyers in Covington, Louisiana

Did you suffer an automobile accident, bicycle accident, or another personal injury? The most important thing to do in any of these situations is to ensure your financial security and to seek justice for your injuries. Having a reliable accident injury attorney on your side can help guarantee a positive outcome for your case. 

Our Covington law firm, Ellen Cronin Badeau, LLC, has a team of experienced personal injury and car accident lawyers that fight to get our clients what they deserve. Our car and motorcycle accident attorneys provide professional legal representation and help defend your injury claims to get you a fair settlement. 

We have years of experience serving as personal injury, motorcycle and car accident lawyers in the state of Louisiana. At Ellen Cronin Badeaux, LLC, our Covington personal injury lawyers offer professional council and assistance for any of the following cases:


Car Accident Lawyers in Covington, LA

Our car accident injury attorneys can assist you in negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance company and adjuster.

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Covington Attorneys for Truck Accidents

Our personal injury attorneys help you get compensation for property damage, and more in any truck accident case.

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Legal Tips on Handling Car Accidents

Get advice from reliable personal injury lawyers on how to deal with a car accident to ensure a positive result.

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Wrongful Death Lawyers in Covington, LA

Our accident injury attorneys can also help you fight for financial stability and justice after a loved one’s death.

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Attorneys for Pedestrian Accidents

Our car accident lawyers also offer legal representation for pedestrians in Covington, LA. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS for pedestrian accidents.

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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Louisiana

We are reliable motorcycle accident attorneys in Louisiana that fight for a fair settlement, injury expenses, lost wages, and more.

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Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Covington

The personal injury lawyers at Ellen Cronin Badeaux, LLC, can help you get a positive resolution after a bike accident.

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Covington Lawyers for Dog Bites

For dog bite cases, our personal injury attorneys can also provide legal representation to pursue a resolution.

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"I would like to thank your firm for everything you’ve done to help me keep 50/50 custody of my son. I came to you on very short notice but you knew exactly how to handle my case and I couldn’t be happier. I’m sure I will be working with you again in the future."
"After retaining two lawyers who made no progress, I retained Ellen Cronin Badeaux. Yesterday was our first hearing together and it was a major success. Ellen was professional, diligent, and a fighter...I am very glad I found her and will refer her to others without a doubt."
"Ms. Badeaux has been an excellent family attorney for us. Her time and personal commitment have allowed us to make informed decisions. We have had to trust her with very delicate and emotional issues and she has guided us to excellent outcomes. I will always appreciate the exceptional service she provides our family with. I have always liked the statement, "you get what you pay for"; and Mrs. Badeaux has been well worth it."
"Extremely knowledgeable and aggressive attorney. She has been our attorney for nearly 10 years. I highly recommend her for any family court matters."
"I have used Ms. Badeaux as my attorney off and on for 15 years. She has settled everything without a fuss; including a personal injury suit, an estate settlement and the quick setup of a partnership. I will continue to use her as my attorney and happily recommend her to friends & family."
"No one thought I could win but with her valuable service and exceptional legal knowledge, I did! I got my kids back and they're still with me today. I highly recommend Ellen Badeaux. I would not have my kids today if not for her!"

"Hey Ellen, I truly appreciate you sitting through today’s hearing. I know that you didn’t have to and it meant more than you’ll ever know. Thank you. I don’t have very much money anymore but I am going to do everything I can to get this bill paid so that I can have representation. Thank you once again for me being such an incredible woman. It’s rare and noted. Have an amazing night and a Happy Valentines Day. Thank you. YG"
Jay Green

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